High quality of products, time and cost effectiveness are some of the main elements conditioning market success. In recent years, an increasing number of small and medium-sized companies as well as large international players have begun cooperating with foreign companies in order to gain competitive value for their products in terms of prices, at the same time keeping high quality. These factors have also constituted the reasons for establishing our Company which has successfully realised projects for many years now, mainly in the model- and tool-making industry and the production of parts from steel and laminates  in the German market.

Nerso was established in 1991 in Poland with the aim of offering high quality services for German companies in the range of model-making, constructing injection moulds and moulds used in the production of glass fibre and resin parts, production of parts and elements from steel. We have built our experience on projects for the largest German producers. The quality and precision of our products as well as high labour effectiveness are the factors characterising our company and we are proud of them.

We are open to cooperation with producers from various industries interested in high quality of products and cost optimisation of the manufacturing process. Our offer will be tailored to your needs.

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