About Nerso

Our company was established in 1991 in Poland under the initial name Firma Projektowo - Modelarska Wiesław Wójcik. In the same year, our German branch was also registered. The reason for establishing the company was the long-term experience of its owner, Wiesław Wójcik, gained in the model-making industry. Thanks to experience from renown Polish and German companies, he was able to initiate business activity and offer highest quality services in the model-making industry. From the very beginning, the Company’s main goal was to offer best services, taking advantage of the involvement of Polish professionals as the company’s activity was primarily based on the German market.


The construction of models, prototypes and injection moulds for the German automotive industry has belonged to the Company’s typical projects. In cooperation with the German company, we have executed projects for the largest producers of vehicles in Germany. Recently, the Company has also realised numerous projects involving the manufacture of parts made of laminates for the railway industry, mainly finishing elements for trains.

High quality of our services and competitive prices have won us a lot of projects in the German market. Due to our extensive experience and highly-qualified staff, we are open to the execution of various projects in the field of model-making, machine and tool construction as well as production of laminates.

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