Our Projects

Here we present some of the most important projects in which we have built  models and molds, and / or were involved in the production of components: 


- Prototype of two sports cars for a leading German car manufacturer. Under the project, our company cooperates with the designer and builds model of cars in real scale according to the guidelines of Designer (pictures below)


- Models and molds for all the components for a motorcycle of the German production, such as fuel tanks, fans, covers, side covers, seat


- Model and molds for a complete dashboard of a bus for a leading German manufacturer of buses. Models were built according to technical drawings


- Models and prototypes of interior and exterior parts for German and Spanish automobile manufacturers such as door trim, pillar trim, instrument panels, steering wheel, headlights and rear spoiler. Test pieces of fiberglass and epoxy resin were built according to technical drawings. Parts were made to test the car before the start of production


-Injection molds for parts such as wings, pillar trim, bumper. As part of the project were following works such as milling, polishing performed


-Airplane seats for a passenger aircraft for a leading U.S. aircraft manufacturer. Model was built according to technical drawings


-Gauge for checking the level and quality of the outer and inner door panels


-Housing for a computer tomograph for a German manufacturer of medical devices


-Panels for the interior of railway vehicles from fiberglass and epoxy resins, such as window frames, wall coverings, instrument panel, seat, toilets, luggage rack for the largest Canadian manufacturer of rail vehicles


-Numerous housings for television sets and household appliances for many producers


-Foundry models such as pump housings, rotors, machine enclosures and other devices


-Repair work on injection molds. As part of the project the following work was carried out: welding defects, polishing and co-adaptation 


Some pictures of our projects:


Above: a sportcar-protype for one of the German largest car manufacturers. The prototype was measured and built by us

The sportcar-prototype from a front perspective in two variants

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